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first hackaton appI don’t exactly remember the presenter who have been speaking about becoming a polyglot programmer. Let me first define what polyglot means. Poly-is a common work spoken in English, originally from Greek, means many and ‘glot’ means “having a tongue,” “speaking,writing, or written in a language” as defined in  http://dictionary.reference.com. Hence, polyglot means speaking multiple languages. I am not going to talk about the human language that we use to communicate, but the computer language that human beings communicate with the computer to instruct what to do.

As I said, though I don’t remember the person who was presenting about polyglot and polypar programmers, I remember what the theme of the presentation was. He tells programmers to become polyglot, speak in different languages to the computer or in general programmable machine. There are different types of high level programming languages that are used in different programming paradigms. Each has its own advantage over the other. I have to be honest at this point that I am a great fan of C# programming language more than any other. I guess there will be a lot of debate if I start to tell why I like it so better not to start that discussion here. You can see this clearly on the blog url, ‘live to code dot net’. Actually I didn’t mean to make it sound like that, I was only planning to make it ‘livetocode.net’.

The whole point of this writing is that, I got a comment on my facebook page from a friend who works at Microsoft last weekend. Last weekend I was at the ice-addis,http://ice-ethiopia.org/, and I loved the event so much. I loved it because it was one of the moments that made me feel like I am learning to become a ‘polyglot’ programmer. I did a little bit of Java while I was in college and at work. I had a chance to work on a big Java based web project which was not functional. I never dreamed of using it to make something usable. Please don’t get mad at me, it’s just what I had in mind. It is not because I felt it’s inferior to C# but because I never seen a senior developer using it close to me.

A week before the event I got the CD which contains all the necessary tools for android development. I had been working on C# since the first release and I am also a certified professional from Microsoft with C# programming. I saw the videos and tried to apply my knowledge of C# on to the android and Java thing and it was a nice experience. I developed a simple application working on my friends android powered Htc desire phone, then I write ‘I love android’ on my facebook account. That’s the situation which made my friend to comment on it. I am sure he is not that mad at me though. I still try to learn new languages coming either from Microsoft, the late Sun …. lol , Google or any one. I want to know ruby, python (which I have seen a little bit), F# (which I look forward to do something secrete with it and write about it in the future), Axum and others.


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  1. Though the effect of human language upon thinking is debatable, I think the effect of computer language in how we solve problems is not questionable.

    Most of us got introduced to programming through procedural languages such as C in college and later on moved on to OOP languages such as C++, C# and Java. In the same way solving or thinking about problems changes as well, with us knowing which construct/approach/language/feature to use for the specified problem.

    Learning a new language, even though you may not use it your daily work, can make you a better developer. Learning language/s with different programming paradigms & type checking mechanisms can help you be better in your mainstream language or to apply them in scripting/other tasks. I find http://projecteuler.net to be a good resource to see different languages in action and the way of solving a problem in different languages and approaches.

    BTW Neal ford first wrote about Polygot Programming http://memeagora.blogspot.com/2006/12/polyglot-programming.html

  2. Thanks Leyu for complement. Leyu and I discussed about the issue and he shared his experience with me from different aspects of being polyglot. Polyglot in storage, polyglot in architecture, methodology and so on. He shared with me about his experience when he moved from a relational database to non relational; specially Lotus Notes. In general we discussed that a developer should be polyglot in many ways in addition to the language. Learning to work with multiple data stores, different development methodologies and architectures helps a lot and make a good programmer great. I hope he will help me out with my next post in details.

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