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I was on a trip for about ten days. We started on August 8, 2011 and it covered about 2000Km through the Amahra region. I hope this also tells why I didn’t have a post for the past weeks. There are two of my colleagues traveling with me. One is working on the VPN that we are changing to new technology and the other works on the social aspect of the work. On our last mission to Dessie, which is 400 km away from Addis Ababa, we faced a broken bridge that links Dessie with Woldia which is 520 Km away from Addis.

After few hours of working on a detour the roads authority of the region let some cars to pass from Dessie to Woldia for trial purposes, the opposite way was not open. When we get the chance to try out the way out, our driver was not able to make all the four wheels work and get us out of that river. He was confused if it is L2, L4, H2 or H4 (gears in 4 wheel drives) that works for that scenario. Here comes the application of technology to the rescue, we had to take out our CDMA’s and get connected to the internet to check on how to handle the gears to pass through. We were like the masters when we tell the driver, though he has been driving for the past tens of years. Finally we made it to Dessie to continue our work according to the plan.

The other guy posted about the broken bridge on Facebook and a friend of his commented on it about a detour through Chifra to Mille then to Kombolcha, which takes us to Dessie. With what the technology giants, Google and Facebook, did we were able to apply the technology in the time we need it.

I have heard lots of people complaining about Facebook and other social media. In some offices it is prohibited to use social media and email during office hours. I am not blaming the system administrators for this. It takes lots of bandwidth and kills the productivity of the employee. We all know what the majority of our people use the social medias for. This post is not about supporting or opposing the policy in offices about social media. I am just opening the discussion looking at different perspectives.

I was once listening to This Developers Life, a podcast about developers and their lives. One of the episodes of the podcast was about the revolution in Egypt and the developers there, what they were doing and so on. Their effort was all to get the people connected to the social media to let the world and people in other parts of the country about the revolution. It tells something about how an important role social media is playing in communicating with friends and people around us. We have heard a lot about the revolutions that took place in North Africa and most Arab countries and the engine behind was the social medias. In a country like ours, social medias are opening the eyes of most people to use internet.

Google plus is the new entrant to the social network group. It is growing in a faster rate that no social media has ever seen. The guys there are talking about a social working platform that is going to be part of Google plus. You will have your colleagues in one circle and you can exchange documents and discuss on issues or have a video conference in the hangout section and so on. It sure also have the fun parts of sharing status updates and photos.

I think there should be some thing like ‘Drink Responsibly’ kind of logo in the social medias too, ‘Use it Responsibly’ . I feel any technology has its advantages and disadvantages. It is about us to get the best out of it and apply it in the right time and place. Please feel free to share your thoughts on how social medias should be used.



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  1. Goodness! so what happened to the bridge? The masonry doesn’t look that old.

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