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Happy Ethiopian new year. I think Microsoft is also using our calendar, they release a lot of new products in the past week. Last week was another special week full of new arrivals in the technology industry. Microsoft has introduced a lot of new technologies on the ‘BUILD’ conference that run for days. One of the latest technology is Windows 8, an operating system for the ‘post-post-pc’  era. Since the release of the iPad, most people were saying that the pc is dead and the time is for tablet. Samsung’s Galaxy, Hp’s tab and Amazon’s Kindle are some of the releases who run on ios and Android, which are specifically designed for the tablet not for pc. According to Microsoft, however, the future is not just the tablet and the pc is not going to die. Microsoft is confirming that, windows 8 is the future OS for both the pc, the tablet and mobile devices. I am into new technologies and like to play with it. I downloaded the Windows 8 developer preview and was trying to install it on my laptop since last week. Unfortunately, I it was not as easy as I expected it to run it on my pc. I didn’t want to take the risk of playing with a new release OS on my laptop even to dual boot it. I was trying to have a virtual hard disk to install on it, unfortunately I couldn’t make the USB disk bootable, I end up with an error ‘bootsect.exe’ is not compatible. If you are lucky here is a good link to walk you through.

I choose to try it on a virtual machine with Virtual box from Oracle. The iso file I downloaded was a 64 bit one, however, the desktop I have is 32 bit. For the guest operating system to detect the CPU as a 64 bit, I had to change the BIOS of my pc for hardware virtualization so that the guess OS detect the CPU as a 64bit. Fortunately my PC is Optiplex 760, which supports hardware virtualization. Please note here that, it also required the model of the CPU, say if it were Optiplex 755 or earlier, it won’t support.

Anyways, I had the chance to install the windows 8 on my virtual box. I used my mouse and key board to navigate through the different features of the OS. According to the presenters on the ‘BUILD’ conference, it would take less than a minute to boot and let you start working on it. I wish I had a touch screen to navigate like I do on a windows phone, but it feels even good with a mouse and key board.

There are lots of fancy things in the operating system, which I recommend you try out for yourself. My focus is however, on the visual studio 11 that comes installed on windows 8 developer preview. The dot net framework has been upgraded to 4.5, ASP.net 4.5 along with MVC 4 and lots of new developer tools. It covers all the work of a developer, starting from architecture, user interface design, code analysis, testing and the usual staff. It supports development of ‘Metro’ style application development. Metro, is the new user interface style, like that of Windows 8. If you have done a little bit of XAML either with silverlight or WPF already, you are good to go with the design of the user interface. What made me curious is though, rich internet applications (RIA) was supported with Silverlight in previous releases. This time they are saying RIA with HTML 5 and Javascript.

The IDE (Integrated Development Environment) has improved in the windows management, search tools and so on. C# has also been made to support asynchronous calls in an easy way. I am still trying to see what is new in general. I hope I will have one more post before the official release in Addis Ababa.


Posted September 20, 2011 by Behailu S. in Dot net

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