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Yesterday, 22/09/2011, was a day that Facebook introduced many new features for the developers to build on it. It has been days since we saw lots of new features on it, of which some people complained about. I was waiting for the conference to start; unfortunately it was already late for me to wait for the kick off. I got the chance to see some of the new features that they added, some which are not yet released and others which have been around for a while. I try to summarize the features I like most.

Time Line

This feature is in short the new profile in Facebook. Previously, the profile page of a person shows a small picture of his/her at the left top corner and tiles of pictures on top, followed by the school he/she attend, the work place and few others. According to the guys architecting the new layout, this is not something that describes someone fully. Say if you graduated five years ago, just like me, and you had posted pictures of your graduation and a friend of yours who you went to college together is looking at your profile, what would he/she see? The current pictures of yours, the latest status updates and some other new things.

Time line, the one people talk about a lot since the announcement on the F8 event, which is not released yet is a new way of presenting one’s profile information collections. The first thing you will see on the time line is a larger picture which the owner chooses to represent him/her. The owner will build a profile from the best moments of life as they happen in time. You can add or remove important parts as you feel; if you had no Facebook account when you graduate you can add it when you have one.

The other interesting thing is the applications added to the time line. Today is Friday and I want to watch a movie on Netflix, assuming I have all the connection speed :); a friend somewhere likes my selection and can join me. How about cooking or exercise ….

Take a break

You read a lot so let me share with you something that I heard on the event opening. There was this guy named, Andy who looks exactly like Mark, the founder of Facebook. He was talking about poking. He said ‘How many times have you regret poking someone you don’t know much or is not close to you when you are drunk? we have a new feature called ‘slow-poke’ where your poke stays for 24 hours before the target sees it, You can cancel it when you are sober.’ That was a joke 🙂 I love to have that kind of thing for the status too, the next one is….


Location is the other addition to Facebook status update. Say I am going to Merkato to buy something and I wanted to share it with friends. I just type ‘Going to Merkato’ and select the city or the specific location below the status update box. Friends can see that and join me. You can also tag the pictures you upload, where it is taken. This is best when you have your friends in different lists. The friend list is the other new feature which in my opinion is copied from Google+ Circles. You group your friends as ‘Close friends’, ‘College friends’, ‘Colleague’s’ and so on. If you want to share your location with only your close friends you post it only for them, if interested they will join you there. This lets your friends connected to you emotionally. Friends list is a convenient way of sharing things, better than the earlier version of it.


Ticker is a feed of the latest status updates of your friends. This one is already released since two or three days ago. You hover your mouse over a friend and you can see the latest activities, wherever on Facebook you might be, and comment on it. The Ticker is found on the top right corner, even if you scroll, it would stay there for easy access. This is shown for the online friends so that you can comment and discuss on the photos and status updates in real time.

News feed

I guess this one is made for me and people like me. I don’t want to see the details of people that are ‘just friends’. Honestly, all of us have people that matter in our life. You can choose what to see and what not! Say you haven’t opened Facebook for a week and you logged in, If I am the closest friend of yours, clearly you can’t see my status updates before few days because some other ‘friends’ have already flooded your feed. In the new feed, you can select what to see at the top, whose status updates to see and which ones not to see. The updates will just show you the total number of news you have. You are not going to miss important things from the people you care about. When you open the profile of a person, there is a button called ‘Subscribe’. If you click on it, you will see every update of that person; this is more like twitter’s ‘Follow’ button with few differences.


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