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IMG_0212This October was a month I have seen a lot of amazing things.As I said last time, two of the great minds in computer passed. I heard a third one, the person who started artificial Intelligence passed. He also invented LISP programming language, RIP. I also had a lot of busy moments that I had to work late in the night to cover assignments or just wait my ‘Cyber boss’. I had the chance to work in one of the known IT companies as a remote staff, for many reasons I will call it X. According to my contract I can work anytime of the day and complete my task. Today I am going to share it with you what it looks like developing a software in a developing country, just my experience.

The company X that I work for told me that I will be working on project Y and I was trying to cover up and see all the materials I get to understand the things in it. When the time comes and I start the work, I am informed that I will not be working on Y but another project Z. Z is managed by another person in another country with a time difference of almost half a day. The first day at work…. we had a meeting and the person was presenting how he is going to divide the job among us. One thing I have to tell you at this point is, the project was already began and there are two other guys who have seen it grow. I am the new guy. Unfortunately, the first day, the internet was not good enough for me to attend the online meeting and see the presentation. I tried to listen the audio and come up with my own way of managing things. The presenter and the project manager told me I am going to be briefed the next day at the same time for two hours. I bought an EVDO to get a connection during the night time to talk to the guy.

The next day I set up things and I was ready, but the guy didn’t show up. The third day, I was given an assignment to complete a task. I had to see my way out of the mess and did what I am supposed to do, and honestly a little more. The next day, I was expecting the guy to tell me what is right and what is wrong and give me my next assignment. Unfortunately he didn’t show up. One more day, he is not online. On the third day he came online and told me that he is in a hurry and he told me he’ll do the presentation on the following day. He also told me that one of his family members had a car accident so he’ll be in a hospital for days. The other day he came and told me to read something, I covered that up and done a little sample application to my confidence. Things went like this for a week and half, and the month is almost done.The next day he came, he told me that the other guys are working on it and I am going to be working on something else. I am feeling like I am not doing what I am supposed to do, or I was expecting to do. I guess you have an idea of what it looks like the situation. I’ll expect your ideas. I know one thing for sure, I got something even out of this.


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