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I have been talking for a long time to start doing something. Last time I was talking about an open data initiative where by we make the platform for entering data useful for the public and people contribute and build the data. I discussed the idea with a lot of people I met and the challenge is a lot. This doesn’t mean I left the idea, I am just trying to approach it the other way around. So, in this post and the coming ones, I will try to explain the idea behind the project I am talking about. I have ‘pushed’, that is a term in git, a social coding site to mean to upload a file to the github repository. If you are new to git and github, I will try to explain what I know in this and coming posts. So, let’s get to the core of the idea.

Every day I hear that an Ethiopian living in some part of the world did something, achieved some interesting thing etc and I feel like, what if this person is here in Ethiopia? What if everybody living in other countries out of Ethiopia have a means to contribute his/her idea on projects carried out here? I know there are lots of groups on facebook but I want to have a dedicated and specially tailored system through which people contribute and stand beside their fellow citizens and help each other. So, I stand for my people, you stand for your people, he/she stand for their people … so WeStand for our people. The image in the left side, thanks to Naod, made it to indicate people siting around a virtual table and configure the pieces to make meaningful things.

Enough about the narratives, this post gives initial functionality envisioned by me and only me. What ever your field of study is how ever you want this system to help you do what you want to do for your country, let’s know. We will find a way to incorporate the idea. So, this is a kind of social collaboration work. I don’t know if other people in other part of the world have a culture like us, you know ‘DEBO?’. Specially in the rural parts of the country people help each other in collecting the production of the farm land, building their house and so on. There are also other social things like ‘EKUB’ and ‘EDIR’ which helped the community in many ways. Think of WeStand as an electronic version of these things. Where ever you live, what ever you do, your expertise, if added to what a group of people are doing helps them be more refined. The minimum, it gives another perspective. So what I have in mind right now is:

You will have an account and your account will have a detailed profile of yours, those you want to tell the people. The experiences you have, the projects you worked on and so on. This means, we have a lot of projects to learn from and pick people who have a hands on experience for the problem at hand. I bet there are at least hundreds of civil engineers who are doing their research in different parts of the world who would like to contribute, just in idea nothing more :), to the Abay dam.

On the other end, people who are verified will publish problems of the community that need the attention of ‘WeStand’ members. Our system will be smart enough to pick from the pull of professionals to support and give ways and how to’s. I know this is a very crude overview but you have a grip of what I intend to do. If you are a developer, there is a lot to do. As I said I just pushed to github an empty ASP.net MVC3 application that you can find it here. There is nothing in it to see though, it is just for all of us to have a common starting ground to discuss the architecture and the technologies in it to be used. Please let me know what you think, as I said it requires the idea and participation of any professional. I know that some of my friends from Mekelle University have good understanding of machine learning, this requires your expertise very much.

To be continued…..


Posted November 10, 2011 by Behailu S. in Dot net

2 responses to “WeStand, an opensource project Part 1

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  1. I like the whole idea. I am on it. Its is perfect considering that the project tries use social media. Because these days the most successful and effective way of addressing the public, professionals is using social media. As my understanding I think many social media sites exist these days in d/t category:
    As Linkedin is Professional (Career) network. I guessed that GitHub is Coders Network. When it comes to Coding, I know he(Coding) is not my friend.
    But I wanna suggest that we should not be so emotional and ambitious about the whole idea. Just set short term and long term goals.

  2. Thank you for the comment. As you said social media is the most popular these days. The system will have a good link with the other social medias but will be working on it’s basic idea of helping our society. I’m trying to formulate other parts of the work and will post on the next part. Let’s keep it going, we have to tell others to collaborate with us. Thanks once again.

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