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It has been more than a month since second part of the project is out. Unfortunately I was unable to continue to the third part as planned due to lots of reasons. In this part I will try to cover one tool that is essential for the project. It is a hosted service called Trello. It is a collaboration tool that organizes a project in a board. The screenshot here shows a view of the board of WeStand. It is not a complete board with all the list of things to do though.

I know that everyone that have heard about the project have an idea of what it should consist of, what features it should have and what it looks like. Lots of ideas help in making it better, even though it is sometimes difficult to decide which one to take. So whenever you read about the project and you feel there is a feature that needs to be added, please send an email and we will incorporate it. If you are a developer and would like to take part, please send me your email and I will add you to the members list of the board. The board is like a physical board inside an agile team’s office, where you have list of stories that are going to be included in the project. Let me first try to describe what the physical board looks like and what the function is:

There are different roles in the team. The product owner is the one responsible to list and prioritize features and user stories of the project. A user story can be in this case member registration. The product owner comes up with list of such functionality and prioritize them based on the importance of the feature. These stories will be written on a sticky paper and will be posted on the board. This is not strict thing to follow but this is what is done most of the time. So, the team of developers along with the product owner and the scrum master ( a role assigned to a person leading all the people in the team) have a meeting and move the cards based on their priority and status of the feature. Some companies do this using Excel.

The Trello board is a similar tool but hosted online and the stories are written on cards. You can add different status of the project, Done, doing, to do etc and categorize the cards. The best feature here is that, you can color code the cards based on the type of feature ( for example errors, service … ) , add detailed activities which can be checked showing the progress, assign the member who will take care of the coding and so on. It also has notification features when one moves a card, add comments and so on. Members can add cards which they feel is important or add functionality. If you are interested in taking part on the project, please send me an email or comment on this thread so that I can add you as a member on the trello board and also on github. .. To be continued.


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  1. very good post, i certainly love this web site, carry on it

  2. very nice put up, i actually love this website, carry on it

  3. I am interested. What language/platform do you plan to use?

  4. Hello Eyasu, Thank you for your comment and interest in the project. If you have seen the previous posts, It has a link to a github project with the source. I was planning to do it using Asp.net and C#. I was expecting it would be one way of trying to collaborate to work together. Unfortunately I didn’t get the time and the resource to continue with it and changed gears. I have done it using Drupal and I’m ready to host it now. My next post will be on that…. Cheers

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