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The past few days, I was not lucky with my electronic devices. My laptop and my cellphone both crashed and I was trying to do what I wouldn’t do if I had them. Most of all, the things I think about in the evening are so funny and I want to share it with you. I like watching science fiction movies. Specially if it is challening my imagination, but this time I created my own imagination and thought it might be good to bring it to you.

This is not a time machine, a machine which takes you back or to the future and show you what happened or what will happen. some people were looking forward to the realization of time machine if the particle said to travel faster than light was real. But, this is a virtual reality. Say, it starts from the idea of evolution, ‘survival of the fitest’. We were told that human beings evolved and changed to who we are now from our ansestors. Other animals are extinct because they can’t cope up with the changing environment. We know that parts of our organs grow/shrink depending on their function. What if the earth evolves and try to resist global warming? what if it tries to destroy our technological innovations in trying to protect itself? It’s a plant that arrives to rescue the earth. We may also say it is from religious perspective. Just like what happened when people tried to build the tower of Babel.

We are where we are now, with all our intelligence and creativity, but nothing to support it. No communication, no transportation, no electronic devices,and all the technology we can think of are not there. We have buildings with no working lifts, we have roads with no working cars, airports with no functional airplans, our cellphones are not working…. We have a new earth, with all the vegitations as they are and natural resources untouched. Everybody is in a rush to do what they know it existed back then but not working now.

All we have as a reference are the printed books in the library.No google to search for what we want, no wikipedia to check for something or facebook to see our friends who got engaged or divorsed. We have to do all the dirty integration and derivation by hand to get the results, we should mold the metals just like what our ansestors did. I am thinking of the developers and computer technicians. we have no visual studio, no eclipse or netbeans to use or the fancy high level language compilers or interpreters, no database servers or operating systems. We have to start from zero. The world is a level playing ground interms of existing IT infrastructure. The meeting continues…

First speaker: we have to make sure that the rest of the world is also facing the same challenge. who knows, they might not faced the attack. we have to wait till they come here for some time. We might get back our communication infrastructure back and we build up the rest. I belive that communication is the key.

Second speaker: In my opinion, the issue is global. Even though we can’t be sure of what chemical the plant released to distroy the chips, we are sure that it is the reaction with the silicon atom that resulted in this distraction. We have to try to find out the reaction and try to reverse it back. We have to give priority for that.

Third speaker: We have to accept that we are back to where we started civilization and start all over again from industrial production. We have to start reconstructing our basic tools and repeat what we did before. It is clear that we will be reach in the same state faster than the previous cycle.

It is your turn to speak what you feel. Where should we start building our world?  Can we build it from scratch? Is it a challenge or an opportunity?


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