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Happy Easter for all celebrating it. After my last post about an opensource project and my sample application I developed, I had the time to release it online and make it functional. It has been less than a month and we are doing fine in locating out favorite restaurants, cafes and lounges /bars. In the past few days I have seen that there has been some difficulties in contributing and hence this post is to help people.

1. For people with smart phone : Ushahidi is a platform and this is a specific implementation called ‘eat out addis’. If you have an iphone or Android based phone, you can go to the specific application store and get ushahidi application, add a map and in the url textbox add ‘http://eatoutaddis.crowdmap.com’ . You will get a list of restaurants, cafes and bars added so far. You can add your comment on them.

To contribute to Eat Out addis by adding new ones, either create a user name or report anonymously by adding title ( which is the name of the place you want to add), description ( your personal review), locate it on a map and give specific locations or guide and submit it.

2. For those who want to use the web interface: Open your browser and enter the address http://eatoutaddis.crowdmap.com. when the page fully loads you will see a map of addis with dots on the map. If you click on one, you will see the description with a popup window. If you want to filter your choice only to a specific category, you can click on the category you want on the right ( this choice is also available for smart phone users.) If you are ready to contribute by adding a place ( either as a registered user or anonymous), click on ‘Submit a report’ and fill the form. Similar to the phone based app, you will are required to fill title, description, and the refined location of the place.

In both cases, please make sure that the pin ( red polygon on the map) is located at the right place. Zoom in to locate the place on the map. In many cases you might need to click on ‘clear map’ so that you don’t have to pins on the map. After clearing, you just need select the button with a pencil below the map and then click on the specific location on the map.

3. For twitter users: if you want to contribute through twitter a specific location, use the hash tag #eatoutaddis in your tweet and it will be automatically available in the site.

If we can have sufficient locations on our map, we can add functionality to eat out addis. In my opinion, making the place you liked visible to the world is a lot more than giving a tip to the waiter or telling the manager that their service is good. Every time you are eating/drinking/having fun with your friends at a place in addis, don’t forget to let others know by locating it on eatoutaddis.



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One response to “A lot more than a ‘tip’ for the service

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  1. Hey! Do you know if they make any plugins to protect against hackers?
    I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on.
    Any suggestions?

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