Happy birthday ‘live to code’   4 comments

Today is my blog’s birthday. I wanted to write this post as a birthday gift to myself and whoever has been following the blog. This post is a kind of interview between the other me and the writer in me.

Why did I start writing? I was nominated to for a dot net MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) for the year 2011. The form I had to fill asks, in addition to other things, if I have a blog and statistics about it. The second reason is, I met online a guy in Microsoft talking about an African blog talking about technical issues. We discussed and he encouraged me to start blogging and gave me an idea of the challenges and opportunities. These two things helped me to start writing.

What’s the blog about? The blog, as the name indicates, is about coding or programming and what it looks like in Ethiopia specifically and my view in general. The last part of the url (‘dotnet’ after ‘livetocode’) was not actually added intentionally. But after I saw it, I loved it as I was working on dot net for a long time. In the past 27 posts I talked about challenges in Ethiopia for developers while working, during meet-ups and some opensource projects I initiated and came across on my way. It was not only about dot net.

The statistics, what does it look like?  As of today, the blog had 2,873 viewers from a little more than 60 countries Ethiopia, US and Canada being in the top three, 27 posts, 57 comments. Real time traffic in Addis? leads the board by readers and Facebook as a top referrer. I know that’s not satisfactory but for technical blog, it is sufficient.

What’s the plan for the second year? The guy I referred earlier told me that blogging technical content is hard, time consuming and really hard specially if you want to write something worth reading for the public. You have to do first what you write and write it down. It requires a lot of energy, time and commitment. In addition, if you make it too technical, the non-techies don’t like it and vice verse. This is what I’v learnt. One of the plans of the blog is to make opensource development and collaboration a trend in Ethiopia. We don’t have a habit of writing online (except on facebook 🙂 ), even the technical people like to go online to see a solution they faced but don’t comment at least on the solution they got. My plan for year two is to enhance the posts, so that they make people comment on them, a mix of technical and general issues.

Any appreciation and comments? I would like to thank all the readers so far and the new ones who will join me and most of all the people who took the time & courage to comment on the posts. I would like to thank ‘Ethiopian-Blog’ community at ice addis for creating the culture and the introduction.  I have seen that the developer community in Ethiopia is growing and is taking the initiative to build a sort of collaboration platform, or opensource projects. I wish success for the team.


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4 responses to “Happy birthday ‘live to code’

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  1. Reblogged this on addistalks and commented:
    An Ethiopian computer science expert, Behailu Shiferaw, shares his experiences on tackling the challenges in the Information Technology sector in Africa. His blogs are looking for solutions to these challenges. I recommend his blog for both IT enthusiast and nontechnical guys. It’s a good read.

    Africa in general, Ethiopia in particular, needs many such result-oriented technical blogs.

  2. I enjoy reading your posts and I think we need more people like you who are willing to share their expertise.
    I recently started a blog at http://www.techsefer.com, check it out when you get a chance.

  3. Thank you both of you for your time. Eyasu, I have seen the blog you said even before your comment. I look forward to see more posts on your blog coming.

  4. Hey Behailu, betam arif blog. First time being here and loved reading some of the posts. It’s great to get some insights into how developers in Ethiopia are doing. I’m sure I’ll find you sometime soon face to face and you can put this comment together with my face 🙂

    Keep it up!

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