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The first smartphone I experienced was an i-mate jamin, that i received from my boss as a replacement to my Nokia phone. It runs windows mobile 5 and was the heaviest phone I ever had. I remember I lost the stylus and I had to use keys as a replacement to touch regions where it is difficult to do it by hand. I have used it for about a year and back then I was not complaining about any performance issues or a need to restart the device due to a glitch in the OS or any additional application. Memory management, even if I never cared about it, was not an issue. However, when I started looking at other devices like iphone and HTC, running android, I tried so hard to update the windows version and get applications installed on it but I couldn’t do it. The touch, was not that sensitive as the other touch devices I saw. I was trying to develop an application for my device but it was so hard to get one running on my device. The picture quality was not as good as the other devices and the update process was not so good.

The next phone I moved to was iphone  3G running ios 3.x. After I received it I upgraded the ios and I had to jail break and unlock it by myself. That was one of the scary things to do back then. I didn’t get it to work for two days trying to get the right tool to jail break. As compared to the imate, the iphone upgrade process was smooth using itunes but trying to unlock it to work on our network was a challenge. Even if it was possible to get applications of different types without jail breaking, I wanted more and I did jail break the iphone and become good at it. I installed lots of add-on to the iphone and while its all working good a new version of ios came out. The main purpose to upgrade was the need for multitasking and other minor changes. I updated it to the latest version ios 4.2 After few weeks it crashed and i had to restore it. However, when i was upgrading it to 4.2 to get it unlocked in our network, i updated the baseband version which was an irreversible upgrade so I had to only stick to 4.1 or earlier versions only.

The process of developing an iphone app was more difficult than for my previous phone. I tried to get a way out but with no success.  The touch was smooth, I didn’t need to clear memory at all or restart it except once in while. the camera was good specially during the day time. Battery life, the wifi and all were great. All I hated was the fact that I couldn’t easily do things that I want to do, develop an application, update without the long process of jail breaking and unlocking. After more than a year stay with my iphone i needed to switch to Android world. A more open and free world. I remember the time I installed android on my iphone and made it a dual boot due to a growing need for android.

The one I am using is Samsung Galaxy SII T-mobile version running android 2.3.6. By the time I get it, android 2.3.6 was not the latest version of android. I had to wait long until T-mobile rolls out the version of android,4.0.1,  for that specific model. After trying few times to get the update downloaded through a Samsung built software, Kies, I succeeded in updating my phone. When it was running the 2.3.6 version of android, I never had a problem at all. The touch was as good as the iphone, the camera was amazing and there were enough application to download and install for my phone. I even tried to build my own application and there was no need of getting another machine or another platform. I don’t remember the time I needed to restart the phone due to a failure of themes or applications I installed.

The problem started after updating my phone to the latest version of android. In short, it is the most disappointing experience of smart phone I ever had. My friend had to uninstall it and roll back to old version of android because of it. The memory management is so bad, the key board get stuck every other day and I have to restart it, some applications get stuck in the middle, and many more. Too good to be true, I like the device so much and I don’t even look at others.  But the combination is by far the worst of all device-os combination I ever had. If you have an android device and are looking to upgrade it to the new version, I encourage you to look at reviews before doing so.

If I have to change my phone, the next phone will be a device running Windows 8, back to square 1. I want to repeat the cycle and see what’s changed since I left. I hope you have your own experience of one of the three worlds and I encourage you to share it with us.



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4 responses to “By far the most annoying mobile-OS combination

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  1. Hi Behailu,

    I have Galaxy Nexus Phone running Android 4.0 Ice cream Sandwich(ICS) and now I upgraded it to Android 4.1 jelly Bean with out any difficulty in few minutes and it is so super fast and has cool features.

  2. Have you tried: cyanogenmod. It’s an after-market firmware for android devices:

  3. Thank you both for your comments, I have upgraded it to 4.0.4 and removed all the custom launcher applications and its so far so good. I’ll see how it goes.

  4. Well it goes like this… The previous one was the best as compared to where I am right now, it is an LG phone running Android 4.0 and it really made me to take back my words about my previous phone. Guys, trust me the one I have is not a smart phone.

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